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This page summarizes important changes to The Joy of Macs Finder Hacks.

28 May 01 Add Mac OS 9.1 hacks; add more View & Special command keys; add clipping name hacks; fix broken ACTION & ResEdit links.
9 Jul 00 Add Mac OS 8.6 & Mac OS 9.0 hacks; add ACTION Files & GoMac, AMICO, A Better Finder Series, Default Folder, and Scheme & Theme archives to the Mac OS 8.5.1 and later hacks; apply more wordsmithing.
30 Dec 99 Add Prestissimo to the Mac OS 8.5.1 hacks.
8 Aug 99 Add Mac OS 8.1 & Mac OS 8.5.1 hacks; correct the Mac OS 8.0 Shutdown hack (+96 instead of +9E).
11 Jan 98 Add Mac OS 8 hacks, adding View menu and Shutdown command keys.
24 Aug 97 Add About this Computer (thanks to Bill Fisher in MacUser, July 97, p.104); add Aaron, Kaleidoscope & Power Windows; provide a separate table for each Mac OS release.
16 Mar 97 Add Mac OS 7.6 hacks.
14 Nov 96 Add Duplicate file name suffix; apply a little wordsmithing.
30 Jun 96 Add Using Shareware Tools section.
6 Jun 96 Add Hidden Finder Features, replacing both Secret Finder Features & Finder Extensions Enabler.
1 Jun 96 Expand ResEdit information.
30 May 96 Add Finder Extensions Enabler; remove Rename Delay (no longer available); link to MIT HyperArchive.
27 May 96 Add Secret Finder Features.
18 May 96 Convert from WordPerfect to HTML.
Fall 94 initial draft (pre-Web)