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From the vast array of Macintosh-related products and services, the Joy of Macs has selected highly recommended favorites.

This page features two essential products. See the Hardware, Software, Services, Books and General Shopping pages for more recommendations.

APC Back-UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

An UPS (pronounced "up-s" as in "cups") powers your Mac and selected peripherals (monitor, modem, router) during a momentary power interruption. When the lights blink, your Mac doesn't. In the event of an extended power outage, an UPS gives you time to save your files and do a graceful shutdown.


Dataline protection: (none)

4 Battery outlets + 2 Surge outlets

Router, laptop, DVR, TV & Cablebox

APC Back-UPS BE650G1

Power-saving Master Control switch.

Dataline protection: Ethernet

PowerChute computer interface

Mac mini + 17" LCD: 30 minutes
iMac 17"/20": 20 minutes
iMac 24": 9 minutes

APC Back-UPS BE850M2

Dataline protection: (none)

PowerChute computer interface

Mac mini + 17" LCD: 40 minutes
iMac 17"/20": 30 minutes
iMac 24": 20 minutes
Mac Pro + 24" LCD: 8 minutes

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Alsoft DiskWarrior 5

When hard disk corruption occurs, your Mac may behave strangely (e.g., loooong pauses in Finder or Open/Close dialogs). In severe cases your Mac will refuse to startup. When Apple's Disk First Aid (a feature of the Disk Utility) fails to fix a corrupted disk, turn to DiskWarrior.

See the "Repairing your Mac's hard drive directory with DiskWarrior" in the Joy of Macs Cookbook for more information about using DiskWarrior.

Alsoft's DiskWarrior 5 is the disk repair champion. Have it on hand before problems arise.

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Mac Stores (in cyberspace & the real world)

See the Joy of Macs list of recommended Web stores and retail stores.

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